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You're probably looking for someone who will turn up regularly, do a good job and be reasonably priced. Take a look at our pricing below - unless your house is unusual, you should be able to price it accurately.

We have 7 franchisees working in your area and would be happy to add you to our round. Please check our pricing guide below and if you would like to go ahead or ask any questions please call us on either number provided above.

Frequently asked questions

How do you clean my windows?

  • Your tap water contains dissolved impurities. In Southampton, these are at a concentration of around 280 parts per million. They form the scale in your kettle. We take normal tap water and pass it under pressure through a series of indescribably fine filters to remove all of the dissolved solids. What’s left is perfectly pure water.
  • Pure water is carried in purpose-made tanks in our vans and pumped through a tube and up via a brush to clean your windows. Pure water means it is keen to dissolve anything it comes across, including the dirt and grime on your windows and frames. Once the dirt is scrubbed off, we rinse your window and leave it to dry naturally. Because the water is pure, it dries leaving no marks at all. Your windows are cleaner than they have ever been before; no dirt, no detergent residues, no squeegee marks. Perfect Windows.

How can I pay?

  • Direct Debit: Sign up here in thirty seconds and you need never worry about paying us again. We'll clean then draw the money a week later: you'll have to do nothing.
  • Cheque: Don't worry, you won't be scrabbling for an envelope and looking for our address. Each time we clean, we'll drop a SAE through your door. Pop a cheque in and drop it in the post box. We'll even mark the envelope so we can reference the payment to you.
  • Direct Bank transfer: The SAE we leave will have our bank details on it. Please quote the reference number from the "payment reference" field when you transfer the cash. If you regularly pay us this way, please say if you want us to stop leaving a payment envelope.
  • Cash: Always accepted. All we ask is that you have the correct amount as our cleaners don't carry change. We don't collect, sorry, so you'll need to catch your cleaner.

Why do you come every 6 or 12 weeks?

  • Because of the way we clean, there are no residues whatsoever left on your windows; no detergents, no squeegee marks. This means that there is nothing on your glass for dirt to stick to. Also, as we clean frames and sills on every visit, there is less dirt around the glass to be washed onto it.

Will it be exactly six weeks between visits?

  • Probably not. We do our utmost to try to visit every six weeks, but the unpredictability of British weather means that it will be approximate. We will do our best to catch up within the confines of wanting visits to be around every six weeks. Whatever happens, remember that you will receive a text (if you choose) the night before we visit.

Do you clean commercial premises?

  • Yes. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and we apply this to commercial work as well as domestic. Please give us a call to discuss your requirements.

Do you clean gutters, fascias and soffits?

  • We're happy to quote for cleaning the exteriors of gutters, fascia and soffit boards. Please give us a call on (023) 81 81 81 81 or (01202) 805400. We charge £4.00 per metre for first floor gutters and £2.00 per metre on the ground floor (with a minimum charge of £20).

Why should I trust you?

  • When you let a window cleaner visit your house, they get access to your property that you rarely offer to anyone. All of our cleaners have passed a criminal record check before they set foot on your property. If you ever have a problem, please let us know. We'll take any comments seriously.
  • We take pride in our appearance: our cleaners will always be uniformed.

Why do you clean in the rain?

  • We really do pride ourselves on our reliability, as we know our customers want a regular visit. Thanks to the vagaries of the English weather, this means that we may have to clean your windows in the rain. (Though if the rain's too heavy we'll go home - we are human after all). You will see no effect whatsoever on the quality of your clean. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee applies in the wet as well as in the dry.

What happens if you damage my property (or me)?

  • We have public liability insurance up to £5,000,000.

Do you care about the environment?

  • Yes. Our cleaning method uses nothing but pure water. Nothing at all is added. The one time we do use detergents is when we clean conservatory roofs. In that case, we use an Ecover product that is completely harmless to wildlife. Our vans are chosen for their fuel efficiency and we keep them for many years.

What about access to my property?

  • We'll text you the night before we call. All we ask is that you leave a side gate open on the day we are going to visit. If you forget, we'll just clean the fronts on this visit (the charge will be 2/3 of the full price).

What if I need a clean out of sequence?

  • Accidents happen! Give us a call on (023) 81 81 81 81 or (01202) 805400 or email us at and we'll try to arrange it for you.

I have leaded windows - do you charge extra?

  • Water fed pole cleaning is perfect for leaded windows. With no detergents or dirt to hide in the seams of leaded windows, we'll get them cleaner than they have ever been We certainly won't charge extra for cleaning them.

How will I know it's you if someone knocks on my door?

  • We take pride in our appearance: Our cleaners will always be uniformed. We only ask for payment at the time of cleaning. We never collect in the evenings.

Do you use ladders?

  • We only ever use ladders (and low ones at that) when we clean conservatory roofs. Your cleaner will never be in danger on your property. Your chances of having to make a claim against your insurance for harm to a tradesman are minimised.

Our house has large expanses of glass/a major extension/very unusual windows?

  • In that case, our standard pricing (click on pricing link above) may not apply, so please give us a call on (023) 81 81 81 81 or (01202) 805400 or email us at We'll carry out the first clean for the list price and discuss any change that may be required for future cleans,

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